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Fresh Air, Farmer’s Markets & Gardening—Oh My!

What a beautiful day!  It makes me want to soak up as much Vitamin D as is humanly possible (with the appropriate sun screen of course!) My first thought immediately goes to planting flowers and veggies.  My second thought—where to buy? Local markets are great places for plants, flowers, snacks and lots of knowledge from the local purveyors….not to mention the overall sensory experience.  Soak in the sights, sounds, colors and’s enough to hold you over the whole week through!

The markets are also great places to teach your children about local resources, local crops and reducing our carbon footprint.  

I have attached a link called LocalHarvest….it can help you locate your farmers market or CSA (community supported agriculture).  CSA’s are great ways to get weekly doses of in season veggies, helping you and your family to eat a produce rainbow.  I have also attached a link to kids gardening, CrunchAColor and a great piece by YumSugar on eating a rainbow.  Post Pictures of your Farmer’s Market adventures & Happy Shopping and Happy Growing!

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